Bash Basics

What Makes Up Bourne and Bash The Binaries /bin/bash /bin/sh The Bourne and bash executables   Environment Files You may have some, any or all of these, and possibly more, depending on your Linux/Unix. They are parsed or used in generally this order: /etc/profile The system-wide initialization file, executed automatically on the user’s initial login. …

User Default Files

When a new user is created, the default files and directories that are created are stored in /etc/skel. This directory can be modified to fit your needs. Modifications will only affect new users; they do not change anything for existing users.

Group Information

Where group information is stored Group information is stored in /etc/group. This file should be changed with the usermod, groupadd and groupmod commands. The format of each line is: Group name Group password (hardly ever used) Group ID User names (separated by commas) Each field is separated by a colon.

User Information

Where user information is stored User names and primary groups are stored in /etc/passwd. This file can be directly edited using the ‘vi’ editor, although this is not recommended. The format of each line is: User name (normally all lower case) Password (encrypted – only contains the letter ‘x’) User ID (UID) (a unique number …