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There’s more than one way to study for the CEH.

1. If you’re already deeply experienced, do self study.

You can pick up a textbook or catch a quick online course and give the test a try. The test ain’t cheap, though: $1199 as of today, plus an extra $100 if you didn’t attend the official course.

2. Take the ECC boot camp

The official course from EC-Council has a lot of positives. You get access to their online study lab, which is really useful for people who haven’t installed, configured and used the profession’s standard tools. And the stack of books you’ll get runs a couple of thousand pages. The study lab book has some pretty decent exercises, while the two textbooks are basically slide-by-slide copies of the presentations.

The course itself is a five-day “boot camp” style event. ECC provides lunch and snacks, and the instruction time is tightly packed, with short breaks to do online labs.

EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking Course on
February 17 - February 21

Early Bird: $2,495
Retail: $2,899

Contact David Sanchez

Phone: (505) 273-7946
Email: [email protected]

This kind of course is good if you’ve already practiced some security and hacking skills. It’s very rough, though, for people who haven’t. Which is why I offer the third alternative.

3. Study hacking in depth, in person

Hacking is like skiing. You can, in fact, learn to do it yourself. But you’ll get much better, much faster if you take lessons.

We campaigned for years for something great at UNM Continuing Education: a dedicated IT/Hacking Lab where you can build your own Kali machine, practice using tools on real equipment, OSs, networks and apps, and learn the various areas of hacking.

This is a whole ‘nother paradigm, and I teach it over a longer time. Like some of my other cert courses, it’s broken into two classes of 28 hours and 24 hours respectively. You can look at the course outline at (it’s my “grey hat” site, and requires you register), and see UNM’s listings at

Search for "ethical hacking".

You’re welcome to contact me if you’re interested in this cert or have questions about the classes.

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