Kernel 8: Test the Kernel

Shut down your computer and reboot it. Once again, depending on whether you’re using the older LiLO or the newer, Fedora-default GrUB boot loader, you’ll see different things.

If you’re using LiLO, you’ll see this prompt:


Type the name of the new kernel – this is the value you entered on the label= line of the last step. (Told you to keep it simple!)

Or, you may see a list of kernel images and OSs from which you can choose by using your arrow-up and arrow-down keys. Again, this list is contingent on the title or label that you gave your new kernel (KISS!).

Select your new kernel and watch the fireworks fly.

When things are working, run the command:

make clean

to clean up the huge wads of files you’ve unzipped.


Recheck Your Current Kernel Version

In most distros:

uname –a

gives you a long listing of your kernel information

uname –r

gives you the kernel version only

In Red Hat use :

cat /etc/redhat-release
cat /proc/version