CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification

63531 Healthcare IT Technician

Course/Class Number: 63531/59724
Class Title: 63531 Healthcare IT Technician, Section SPA
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm; 3 sessions starting April 14, 2014, ending April 18, 2014

Text: CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician HIT-001 Authorized Cert Guide, Joy Dark and Jean Andrews, 2012


  • Understand regulatory requirements
  • Know healthcare terminology/acronyms
  • Be familiar with practice workflow
  • Adhere to code of conduct policies
  • Engage security best practices
  • Support Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems

According to CompTIA:

The CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certification exam covers:

  • U.S. regulatory requirements
  • Organizational behavior
  • IT operations
  • Medical business operations
  • Security

Or stated differently:

  • Regulations, agencies and laws
  • HIPAA controls and compliance
  • Backup and record retention, disposal and archiving
  • Healthcare IT security
  • EMR access roles
  • Setup and management of EHR/EMR PCs, servers and networks
  • Legal practices, requirements and documentation

 According to Dark and Andrews:

  • Healthcare Organizational Behavior
  • Healthcare Regulatory Requirements
  • Healthcare Business Operations
  • Healthcare IT Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality
  • Healthcare IT Operations

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