CMS Overview: Plone

Plone: the Transformer



  • Content management and publishing
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • User and group authentication and management
  • Search function
  • Version control
  • Workflow management
  • Nice in-site editing for content creators
  • Themes: roll your own, download a free one, or buy one
  • Lots of plug-ins
  • A large and active developer community
  • Great support and documentation:
  • Other active support communities like:
  • Very good web standards support
  • Accessibility compliant

Choose it because:

  • Plone is huge, and can handle huge requirements.
  • Python is a religious choice, like any programming language. There’s a substantial number of developers available, though not as many as PHP, perhaps.
  • Zope is a commitment. It’s not just Python; it’s Python on steroids with muscle grafts and an attitude.

But if you want the maximum features, and are a deep coder ready to deal with a complex platform, Plone is likely the platform for you.

One Odd Note:

Plone sites are contained lock, stock and barrel inside a single file, usually named data.fs. This is weird, and can cause problems when hosted on 32 bit OSs that choke on files larger than 2GB.