MySQL II : Ruby

Using MySQL With Ruby To get the Ruby API connector go to See “Using the Ruby MySQL Module” by Paul DuBois at

MySQL II : Java

Using MySQL With Java To get the Java API connector go to See “Writing JDBC Applications with MySQL” by Paul DuBois at


Using MySQL With XML See “Using XML with MySQL” by Paul DuBois at  

MySQL II : 4.x Installation

Installing MySQL 4.x and Earlier Install MySQL 4.x 1. Before starting, install the MySQL servers, clients and development libraries. Run these queries, and if necessary, install the related packages: rpm -q mysql rpm -q mysql-server rpm -q mysql-devel rpm -q MySQL-python rpm -q perl-DBD-MySQL rpm -q php-mysql -and any other indicated dependencies as necessary. The …

MySQL II : Python

Setting Up MySQL With Python Get Python 1. Go to and get python24-2.4.2-2.i386.rpm. Install this by issuing the command: rpm -i python24-2.4.2-2.i386.rpm (Historical note: you can get a tarball and install it like this: Go to and get Python 2.4.2 ( or – the bz2 is smaller). Copy or move it to …


Using MySQL With PHP If necessary, get the PHP API connector at   PHP Basics Creating Scripts Open and close scripts like this: <?php $var = “Hello world!”; print $var; ?>   Variables PHP variables (like many Perl and Bash variables) begin with $ . Use a single = sign to assign a value: …

MySQL II : GUI Tools

GUI Tools MySQL AB’s GUI Tools ¬† MySQL AB also offers their own GUI tools, available (as usual) under their dual-license model. See MySQL Administrator Administrator is similar to phpMyAdmin, and is under rapid development. Try it: Download and install the Administrator. Download the RPM file and use the GUI interface to install it. …