Python: Lists

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Let’s start out on this highly detailed page on handling lists:

Create an empty list:

friends = []

Populate a list:

friends = ['bill', 'jeff', 'jim']

for friend in friends:
    print("Hello, " + friend.title() + "!")

A list in Python is defined inside square brackets.

Access an item using its index:

Remember these are 0-based arrays. The index goes inside square brackets:

friend = friends[1]

List count:

usernames = ['bernice', 'cody', 'aaron']
user_count = len(usernames)


You don’t need to know how many items are in the list in order to get the last item; you use a negative number:

friend = friends[-1]

Iterate through all items on a list:

for friend in friends:




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  2. Define a list. It can be your friends, your pets, your deadliest enemies.
  3. Print the first item from the list.
  4. Print the third item.
  5. Print all the elements of the list.