Python: Adding To and Changing Lists

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Change an item in a list:

friends = ['bill', 'jeff', 'jim']

friends[0] = 'fred'

Add an item to a list:

# Note that we use parens, not brackets!
# That's because this is a function.

Find the index of an element:


Is an item in a list?

print('joel' in friends)
print('fanny' in friends)

If an item isn’t in the list, in the example above, of course nothing prints.

The Critical Difference Between sorted( ) and sort( )

…and once again, scroll up because the page TOC is faulty.

sort( ) actually reorders the values in the list. The list, in other words, is changed.

sorted( ) does NOT change the list, it just returns a sorted version of the list to you.




  1. Continue editing
  2. Change the value of one item in your list.
  3. Find the index of one item by name.
  4. Perform a test to see if an item is in your list.