Freedom is Layer 2: Mesh networks in Vienna, Athens

They can’t take it away if they don’t control it:

Let us never forget that the easily-cowed ISPs of Egypt bent willingly and cut off Internet access during Egypt’s Arab Spring revolution. Fortunately, the heroics of people who brought Internet-in-a-suitcase rigs, the cleverness of dial-up networking to foreign ISPs, and some fascinating cell-phone-buried-on-a-hill tactics got the people back in touch with each other well enough to coordinate their efforts. (See

We may well need some such heroics in the future.

How about putting a Linksys router in a Tupperware box on your roof? People are doing it in Vienna, and a similar project has been underway for years in Athens. Everyone joins a common network, no ISP required, no special software, just plain old 802.11 wireless. Read about the Vienna project at

And how about larger scale networking, like an alternative Internet routing layer? See

Or maybe a complete alternative Internet? It’s not just a dream, it’s Project Byzantium:

All of this is to say, we’d better be thinking about this, if we really value our freedoms on the Internet. Fortunately, at least a few people are. Are you?