Gee: “Chinese hackers linked to breach of control systems used in electric grids”

Department of Don’t Take It From Me: The ever-entertaining fulfilled its daily promise by making my neck prickle. So: Telvent, prominent maker of the SCADA industrial systems control software, got penetrated, got slurped for important product information and got pwned with malware left behind. So good. Now we can’t trust executables from Telvent until …

Use Outlook? Try Ten Tips to Speed It Up

Herbbie, the constant researcher, sends me this interesting tip sheet for speeding up the accursed Outlook. I’ve used it, but fortunately don’t have to any longer. But if you’re still trapped in that world, check out Ten Tips to Speed Up Outlook:

Manuals for Everything

Wow: imagine an online repository of every user manual anyone could ever dig up. Here it is:  (Once again, thanks Herbbie!)

Ten Thousand Cameras per Server

Many of us who are or have been sci-fi buffs have a deep inward cringe at things like the robot Cheetah that can outrun Usein Bolt: Now the ever-watchful Herbbie makes me uncomfortable with news of Cisco’s grand new surveillance plan: a virtualized system in which each server can manage up to 10,000 cameras. …