Freedom is Layer 2: Hackers propose independent satellite network to combat censorship

Now this is not a bad idea, for a number of reasons. Those of you familiar with networking theory are familiar with the OSI Model, the seven-layer cake that encompasses everything from copper wire (at Layer 1) to user interfaces (at Layer 7). (See Webopedia:

Layer 2 is the Data Link layer, the layer at which actual packet communication takes place. And this is also the layer where the majority of totalitarian censorship takes place. Consider, for instance, the Arab Spring in Egypt. The then-government tried to take down communication with the outside world, and coordination of protests via services like Twitter. But freedom-minded people brought in secret networks, at considerable risk, and connected the populace to wireless telephony and the Internet.

In addition, hackers could pose one of the best opportunities to continue space exploration; quite a bonus. See the BBC article at: