The next generation of TOR: I2P

If you’ve studied with me, you’ve heard about TOR (The Onion Router), an anonymous-browsing protocol that lets you use the Web through a series of encrypting routers that make your real origin (theoretically) impossible to determine. TOR is a heck of a tool, which comes packaged with BackTrack and can be installed as an add-on to Firefox on any platform. But it does have a flaw: when your traffic emerges from an end-point, the operator of that end-point can capture that traffic.

The “onion” concept is still quite good, however. Now there’s an open-source project that aims to “TOR-ify” all traffic, not just port 80 (Web). And it uses a new architecture, encrypting all traffic computer-to-computer, rather than router-to-router. Obviously, Young Jedi, these powers can be used for either evil or good. Use them only for good. See the article here: