Geeks 2 Go

Greetings and salutations after a couple of very killer weeks. I’m catching up with a handful of valuable tips and leads, the first of which is the topic of this post.

If you’ve dealt with a truly malevolent malware infection, you’ve likely used Malware Bytes Anti-Malware, and relied on community analysis and directions to free your PC. One of the nicest communities you can join and utilize is Geeks 2 Go, where helpful people will talk to you personally and coach you through the process of scrubbing your computer. Ever-helpful Herbbie points us toward a single example, which is quite helpful in understanding the process. And, a he notes:

Any more, I check with these guys before I run SW installs just to see if they have had any problems.

In any case, some of these supposedly free informational videos and what not WEB sites have been reported as supporting malicious sw. I just wonder what is this internet coming to? I’m just about ready to go back to the old “Compuserve” download days. The worst you could get was the “Stoned” virus back then.

Hmm, sounds like a virus spread at the (un)Occupy Albuquerque camp….