One tiny registry hack, a thing that makes me go hmm

Today I got a tip from one of my insider sources:

Got something good.

Most people think that when you hold shift and press delete, the messages from Outlook are permanently deleted. I thought this as well, up until this morning. You can add one D Word value to the registry and recover messages. I was able to recover 1 years worth of messages. So…. are they stored locally or on the server? 😀

Now, may I ask you to ponder on this just one moment? Start now….

Thank you. Now that you’ve pondered, you and I share my source’s concern: This wasn’t a setting he turned on and *began* keeping messages; oh no! This is a year’s worth of past messages easily recoverable with a single registry entry. Now, I am often foolishly forced to explicate the workings of mad minds, but I must explicitly protest: Holy $#@t!

Cheaters, for instance, beware: all those deleted messages are still there, ready to hang you by the neck until dead. You, I’m not worried about. But political dissidents, you see, might find this dismaying. Among others.