An Alternate Source of DNS in Case the Government “Turns off the Internet”

I am not at all comfortable with domain seizures, of the type the U.S. government conducted recently, or any other.

I am not happy that the corrupt regime in Egypt tried to suppress its people by making its ISPs pull the plug, apparently literally.

I am, however, happy that the Internet community is taking countermeasures. Consider this article:

BitTorrent Based DNS To Counter US Domain Seizures

The stinking sneaky “Internet Kill Switch” that’s been under discussion for some time is more like pulling the plug on DNS than like Egpyt’s actual breaking of connections. So this project could potentially counter both domain seizures, and a larger takeover of the Internet.

Incidentally, there is indeed a network system that can prevent a “pull-the-plug” type of network disruption, too: Take a look at 802.11s.