And here goes Intel: Outsourcing chipset production to Taiwan

It may be a great investment opportunity. For months the fog has been swirling around a first-time-ever agreement for an outside company to produce Intel’s chipsets. I’ve been pretty sure it was going to be Taiwan Semiconductor. Now the website Electronista is solidifying the rumors with the article, “Intel to outsource Panther Point chipsets to Taiwan?” Read more:

No big deal? No news there? Yes it is. Intel has never done this. It’s opened its own fabs overseas, but it’s never allowed outside companies actually to manufacture its products. And here open the floodgates. Because frankly, it’s much cheaper to produce product overseas. I can understand that; I just hope all these corporations understand that Americans don’t make very good consumers when they’re out of work, losing their home or working so cheaply it takes two jobs to survive.

So hey, I might be glad to see processors and chipsets become really, really cheap. But the future might not look so rosy if I were working at Intel in Rio Rancho.