iPad-controlled Helicopter!

“iPad-controlled helicopter hits shelves in September”: is the shiver I feel panic or anticipation?

Open another tab in your browser by clicking this: http://tinyurl.com/3yh6un4. Click past the annoying ad.

There, now what’s that sensation you’re feeling, after reading that? I feel like the little cartoon Devil has appeared on one shoulder, the Angel on the other. Sort of. The Devil is wearing spectacles and carries a BackTrack DVD; the Angel is actually a kid, gleefully examining his wings.

“Every IT department should have one, no?” asks the wizened hacker on my left. “Send it in remotely to reboot the servers, answer alarms. It’s great! Two cameras!”

“Well, yes,” I admit, “but -“

“But nothing! That damn thing’s a hacker’s dream! If I can get it inside your perimeter you’re screwed! Hell, it may only have to get in wireless rangeā€¦.”

“I want to fly it,” says the kid on my right shoulder. “Can I get between the racks?” He flaps his wings eagerly. “Can I reboot the servers? Maybe just one?”

“Oh good lord,” I mutter. Just you watch: companies will be sending us those things, free. All you have to do is let it hover around you all day and show you advertisements. Everyone will always know where you are, what you’re doing, what color panties I bought my wife last time. I walk past Victoria’s Secret and an ad flies out at me screaming: “Glenn! Glenn! How’d you like those panties? Do you need some more?”

Have you seen “The Minority Report”? Oh. My. God. It’s coming true.