Printing : Sharing Printers

You’ll be glad this part is so easy.

  • Use the same printtool as always, and select an existing printer.
  • Pull down the Action menu, and select Sharing.
  • Click the Queue tab.
  • Check the box beside “This queue is available to other computers.”
  • “All Hosts” will appear in the Allowed box.
  • If you want to restrict hosts, click Remove, then Add.
  • Now you can choose to allow anyone on your subnet to print by selecting the local network interface on your server,
  • or you can specify a CIDR range of IP addresses,
  • or you can specify a single IP address.

You may also need to open your firewall to allow UDP and TCP traffic on port 513.

Older applications may need you to enable LPD printing. Command:
chkconfig cups-lpd on
service xinetd restart

And be sure you’ve specified your server’s and clients’ names correctly, and that they can be resolved.

For Samba printers, you’ll configure smb.conf (discussed elsewhere).