Go to http://www.webmin.com/ and take a look at this management product (and its user interface). Then go to http://www.webmin.com/download.html and download the RPM.

Get the gpg key install it. (See this page for a how-to.)

Also, see the Swell User’s Guide The Book of Webmin for installation and setup instructions. You’ll want this book/website as a reference, so keep this link handy.

Install the RPM.


The next thing you’ll need to do is to go to the new Webmin directory (how can you determine where this is?) and set up the root password:

./changepass.pl /etc/webmin root newpassword

(See http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide-1.0/ch01.html#rpminstall.)


Now direct your web browser to http://localhost:10000.


Go to http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/. We will review the sections:

IP Access Control: http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/ch03.html#wmipaccess

Webmin Servers: http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/ch03.html#wmservers

Webmin Users: http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/ch03.html#wmusers

Securing Webmin: http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/ch03.html#wmsecuring

Server and Daemon Configuration: http://www.swelltech.com/support/webminguide/ch06.html