DNS : Configuration Files

The default caching-nameserver package configuration files are your starting point.


In a full-fledged DNS server configuration, you would work with the following files:

DNS Server Configuration Files
/etc/named.conf Holds the list of DNS zones and types (master or slave) that this name daemon will control.
/var/named/<zonename>.zone A zone configuration file for forward lookups:
“A” records map FQDNs to IPs
“CNAME” records (canonical name records) supplement the “A” list
“NS” records hold DNS server host names
“MX” records hold mail server host names
/var/named/<encoded_IP>.in-addr.arpa Holds reverse lookup records:
“PTR” records list names used for a particular network; the network address is encoded by reversing the order of the octets: network has the file
/var/named/named.local Holds a “PTR” record pointing to the loopback address,
/var/named/named.ca Holds the IP address of top-level DNS servers;
commonly called the “DNS cache file.”