[Hacker Highschool : Cyberbullying : “Alex Wonder” game helps kids fight cyberbullying]

One major Hacker Highschool lesson we projected was Lesson 22, Cyberbullying. At SchoolforHackers.com we’ll move forward at a much faster pace on this issue, particularly if we keep getting good submissions.

Material dealing with cyberbullying is available by the ton on the Internet, but as with all subjects, separating the wheat from the chaff is difficult.

Some authorities suggest reporting bullying immediately; here in New Mexico, that will get you branded as a snitch, which will not be good for your future health. Others suggest turning the tables and finding ways to turn the brutality back on the bully. While this may be satisfying, it also simply perpetuates bullying.

How about one of the popular trends in training, “game-ification?” WiredSafety.org is trying this approach,  as Hope Gillette reports on Voxxi.com:

Alex Wonder Kid Cyberdetective is a new game introduced by WiredSafety.org designed to help children safely navigate the Internet. Children follow the adventures of Alex Wonder as he helps children learn to identify the warning signs of cyberbullying and learn how to responsibly use the Internet.

The basic technique is “stop, block and tell.” I personally become immediately skeptical, for the reason I mention above. But the game-based learning style may be effective. You can download the game from StopCyberbullying.org; it requires that Adobe Air be installed.

If you give it a try please drop me a line and tell me what you think.

The people at CallerSmart.com have an interesting piece, “What is Cyberbullying and How to Stop It” (https://www.callersmart.com/articles/49/What-Is-Cyberbullying-and-How-to-Stop-It). There are some excellent charts about the laws on bullying and sexting in the different US states, and my particular interest, some discussion of tactics for dealing with bullying.

My question to my readers is: Will these methods work? Do you know of any, or of better ones? Register to comment on SchoolforHackers.com and tell us what you think.