Network+ : Introductions and Resources

  1. Network+ Certification (N10-007): Syllabus
  2. Network+ : Introductions and Resources
  3. Network+ : Network Models
  4. Network+: Cabling
  5. Network+ : Topologies
  6. Network+ : Ethernet Basics
  7. Network+ : Contemporary Ethernet
  8. Network+ : Installing a Physical Network
  9. Network+ : Booting and Getting On the Network
  10. Network+ : TCP/IP Basics
  11. Network+ : Subnetting
  12. Network+: Routing Protocols
  13. Network+ : Routing and Firewalls
  14. Network+ : TCP/IP Ports and Applications
  15. Network+ : Network Naming and Sharing Resources
  16. Network+ : Secure Networking
  17. Network+ : Advanced Networking Devices
  18. Network+ : IPv6
  19. Network+ : Remote Connectivity
  20. Network+ : WiFi
  21. Network+ : Virtualization
  22. Network+ : Mobile Networking
  23. Network+ : Building a Real-World Network
  24. Network+ : Managing Risk
  25. Network+ : Protecting Your Network
  26. Network+ : Network Monitoring
  27. Network+ : Network Troubleshooting
  28. Network+: Network Monitoring

Unit 2

Setting up accounts, getting sample tests and questions, other resources online

Introductions, experience and objectives


CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Guide N10-007,
Mike Meyers


You are going to need to register with two organizations.


Pearson VUE, the testing center:

There is one more account you must create, with TotalSem, using the instructions on the last page of your textbook. I’ll show you how to navigate and use the resources Meyers provides with his excellent book.

Get information about the certification and the tests

Scroll down to Get Practice Questions and Exam Objectives, fill out the form and download the Objectives and Questions. These are the most authentic sample questions you will find for this exam!

Sample tests and sample questions

Do your Goo Diligence:

I recommend:

      • ProProfs
      • Totalsem (included with book)
      • Professor Messer
      • etc.

Learn to recognize good sample tests.

Don’t pay for brain dumps or anything sketchy. There ARE good test packages from reputable sources.