Network+: Network Monitoring

  1. Network+ Certification
  2. Network+ Certification – Introductions and Resources
  3. Network+ : From Physical Topologies to Media and Network Devices
  4. Network+ : Networking Variants, Physical Installation
  5. Network+ : TCP/IP and Network Operations
  6. Network+ : Network Naming and Sharing Resources
  7. Network+ : IPv6
  8. Network+ : Remote, Secure and Cross-Platform Networking
  9. Network+ : Servers and Support
  10. Network+ : WiFi
  11. Routing and Firewalls
  12. Network+: Routing Protocols
  13. Network+: Network Monitoring

Depending on the size of your operation, free, open-source software may be mandatory, or deeply-supported commercial software may be … very mandatory. Sometimes these two may actually be one and the same. To illustrate this, I’ll start this discussion with open-source options.

Open-Source Network Monitoring Software


Doing like it’s 2012: ntop

Doing it like 2021: ntopng
(Just about any open-source tool you’ll find with “ng” on the end is “next generation”.)


Commercial Network Monitoring Software