Hacker Highschool: Foreword and Copyright Statement

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Foreword From Glenn Norman, Project Manager, 2012-1016

Downloads: http://localhost/2017/05/16/hacker-highschool-download-uncut-lessons/

As I’ve described in an earlier entry, I first got in touch with Pete Herzog and ISECOM (http://isecom.org) in 2010 through LinkedIn because, as a professional editor, I thought I could make a contribution to the writing and layout of some of his products. Initially I thought about working on the OSSTMM (http://osstmm.org), but accepted Pete’s offer to work on lessons for Hacker Highschool (http://hackerhighschool.org). In 2012 Pete asked me to take on the job of unpaid volunteer Project Manager for the Hacker Highschool Version 2 Rewrite Project, which I accepted.

Over the next four years I managed over 10,000 emails, almost 100 contributors and over 200 supporters of the project. Some of the lessons went through as many as 50 drafts, all of which I managed and edited. I learned a tremendous lot about hacking, hackers and hacker culture, most of it positive. By 2016, however, financial pressures forced me to relinquish the role of Project Manager.

The Hacker Highschool materials are open and free to the public, released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial, No Deriviatives, Attribution Required License, which is an extension of copyright not formally embodied in law. Formal, legal copyright, of course, is always owned by the creator of a work, unless the creator is paid, or signs away rights in a contract. This means that all materials contributed to Hacker Highschool remain the copyright property of the contributors.

After my departure, ISECOM chose to keep our contributions but remove the names of several people from the Contributors pages, including mine.

So to preserve record of the contributions of the many good people of the Hacker Highschool rewrite project, here are the lessons that are my work product as the volunteer Project Manager of the Hacker Highschool Version 2 Rewrite Project from 2012-2016.

Parts of these lessons are Copyright © 2016 Glenn Norman, including editing, arrangement, verifying and integrating contributed materials, and original text. All rights are reserved, though these documents may be freely distributed provided this statement remains intact.

All other materials remain the copyrighted property of their respective contributors, beyond their use and acknowledgment in Hacker Highschool Version 2.