Security+ Domain 2.0: Technologies and Tools, Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting Common Security Issues

Unencrypted Credentials

FTP (20,21) –> FTPS (SSL/TLS) or SFTP (SSH, 22)

HTTP (80) –> SHTTP or HTTPS (443)

Telnet (23) –> SSH

SNMPv1 –> SNMPv3

Logs / Event Anomalies

Things that shouldn’t be happening.

Permission Issues

Failed logins!

Access Violations

Certificate Issues

Broken Chain of Trust

Data Exfiltration

Misconfigured Devices

Weak Security Configs


Acceptable Use Policy

Policy violations

Insider Threat

Social Engineering

Social Media

Only be designated users

Property of company

Personal Email


Unauthorized Software / License Compliance

Asset Management

Authentication Issues