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Pen Testing Windows

you should get 2 machines a Kali vanilla install and a win10
then they will give you scope the morning of, probably different each day.
both machines are for red team, recon/surveilance activities
and all targets on my scope were M$
you can get the community edition of metasploit for research for free. I would encourage getting the license for it.
it will, that’s how I spent the first part of my scope, changing the MAC address and timing options on nmap
Wow have you learned crackmapexec
Why don’t you find all the syntax and make a document
On kali type
Pip install crackmapexec
Then cme -h for options
What about nullinux do you know that tool
Or enum4linux
unixenum and linenum
Make sure get crackmapexec going and get S meterpreter reverse shell going
Run mimikatz and then Kerberos
Use powershell script Powerup
Have you used Lee Baird’s Discover?