Devices You Should Never Build, Oh No

From Hackaday comes this interesting article about the Internet of Things, which will inevitably lead to a few terrible ideas, what they call the “Internet of Wrongs.” What would you think of a device that sends out Wake On Lan packets to¬†every device on your network? Or how about a little “de-auth” box that kicks everyone off the local WiFi?

Well, these things would be very bad ideas. In the US, the FCC would swoop down on you in black helicopters. But wait, there’s more: read the comments on this page to find links to a couple of wonderful “make everyone reboot” tools. I’m sure that wouldn’t be annoying at all, though it would certainly be a minor felony – so don’t do it.

What you should do, however, is think about how some devices intended to be useful might in fact do some pretty terrible things:

The Terrible Devices Of The Internet Of Wrongs