Fedora 23 Security Lab card for Raspberry Pi 2

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The choices of OS for Raspberry Pies haven’t been many, especially since the fading of the Pidora distribution. Raspbian has stayed the top choice, among some smaller players, as well as the Debian-based Kali ARM distro.

Kali is a great tool, but learning the basics of security testing with Kali is like going to the shooting range with a bazooka. If you’re not aware of the many (many) interactions, dependencies and moving parts, it can be dangerous.

The people at Fedora both produce an up-to-the-minute ARM kernel for Pi and other ARM computers, and they also sponsor “spins,” which are specially-configured versions of Fedora for a large number of uses – including security testing. You can find some basic information at https://labs.fedoraproject.org/de/security/.

We’ve taken the trouble out of setting up the boot scripts, installing Fedora 23, setting up the Security Lab, VNC Server so you can use VNC remote desktop access, the sshd so you can SSH in immediately, and much more. The 8GB Class 10 card has room for your files and is the highest speed category.

This OS and card are for the Raspberry Pi 2.