Google Web Fonts

If you’re a web developer, you know the issues around typefaces (fonts). You can specify any font you want, but if the viewer doesn’t have that font installed, their view will fall back to a generic font. So how do you use cool fonts? Well, formerly you could “embed” fonts in a web page, but that was a kludge that’s no longer available.

One of my recent students, a very bright up-and-coming web developer, directed me to Google Web Fonts ( This makes sense: use somebody else’s font collection! It’s a very nice idea. Thanks, LH.

My one reservation is this: use Google’s fonts, and Google gets that much deeper a view into everything involved in your site. You may or may not care about this; I do.

Human Vulnerabilities: Fear of Looking Stupid

Exploitable Human Vulnerabilities Department:

Recently I put out a call to subscribers to help me build a taxonomy of human vulnerabilities. ISECOM actually has one, which I’ll be accessing and studying soon. In the mean time, I’ll post some of the responses. For instance, long-timer SubnetD suggests:

What about fear on the part of the end user about being made fun of for not knowing about something. Many users come from environments in which anything less than proficiency with computers gets you labelled a newb and made fun of. So what do they do? I’ll tell you: if they see something suspicious, they keep their mouth shut because they don’t want to be made to feel stupid in front of the almighty IT guy. I’ve seen it happen and heck I’ve even participated in both sides, superior and newb. You and I both know the the end user is your best layer of security, that’s why we talk about educating them. But how do you foster an environment that makes them come forth and participate?

Thank you, SubnetD, for so accurately stating the underlying issue: fostering an environment in which users know when something’s wrong, and are willing to report it.

A question about learning HTML5

On 1/3/12 8:04 AM, Ain’t Tellin’ wrote:

Hey Glenn, hope your holiday was great! I’m tryin to get info on html5 and where to find a class as well. The more i read, the more i am convinced there’s money in this relatively virginal market. Any info will help. Hope youre doin’ well and talk to you soon:} A.T.

Hi Tellin’ –
Yeah, you are dead on the money about HTML5. The paint is barely dry on the standard, in fact some areas are still under development, so don’t be surprised if the materials are thin. The horse’s mouth is pretty much the W3C, and they offer for the interested:

Don’t forget that HTML5 requires a *very* strong understanding of CSS and Javascript. You can study them in the same place. Ultimately, there’s no substitute for experience loading and configuring your own server account, either through getting web space through an ISP, running your own server, or taking a class.

I do know Cont Ed has an HTML5 class, though I haven’t taken the opportunity to audit it yet. And Harlow Pinson has done a great Mobile Apps series of classes, which he may do again.

The key question is: How much development experience do you have?