Create a simple page

Create a simple page

1. In Dreamweaver, create and open a new file, called simple.html.

Put very simple content into it:

Page title: Simple Page

Contents: a Heading 1 formatted line, “Welcome to a Simple Page”

Test the page: Preview in Browser (F12)

Note that the URL in the browser’s address field starts with the protocol “file://”. This tells your browser to get a file from the local file system.

2. Upload the page to your remote site.

3. View the served page.

Do this by going to the browser and typing in the following URL:

By typing in the HTTP protocol (http://), you’re sending an HTTP request to the HTTP server software (on lab server, this is Apache)

Remember the discussion earlier on web page processing: a lot more is happening behind the scenes when you send an HTTP request than when you send a file request.

Why did we do this?

To see the difference between previewing served pages and previewing locally;

to make sure our site can be served;

and to demonstrate how to send an HTTP request that will serve our pages back to us.