MySQL II : Sample Users

Now we’ll need some sample users for our continuing process. You’ll be setting up these users:

herbie (password ‘hacker’)

carrie (password ‘cracker’)

arnold (password ‘admin’)

yulia (password ‘user’)

fred (password ‘freeloader’)

george (password ‘good’)

yanni (password ‘user’)

Setting them up manually, one at a time, is silly. Use a script. Download this file: users.sql

Put it in a convenient place, then open it in a text editor and take a look. Then, open the mysql client, and run (source) it:

\. users.sql

What results do you get? Why?

Correct any problems in this script until it will run properly. You may need to take a look at this page:

Finally, implement the privileges (within the mysql client):


MySQL will not enable your changes until you perform this step.

An alternate way to flush privileges is to exit the client and type:

mysqladmin –u root –p reload