DHCP : Configuration

Configuring the dhcp.conf File

It’s unfortunate that a default setup of the dhcp daemon doesn’t place a dhcp.conf file in its proper destination, /etc/. Instead, a sample is placed in /usr/share/doc/dhcp_version, and it’s named dhcpd.conf.sample. There is actually a good reason for this: it’s almost impossible for your system to discern what the correct setup should be.

I’ve provided a copy of the dhcp 3.0.2 sample config file here, which provides a basis for creating your own. Notice that it declares itself an “interim” version right off the bat, which is to say it’s one of the last in a breed of IPv.4 DHCP files. There is an IPv.6 version in the directory named above, and it won’t be long before you’re going to need to understand the vagaries of IPv.6 to work with DHCP. But for the purposes of this class, we’re going to do a simple IPv.4 setup.

I’m also providing a file named glenns.dhcpd.conf with more extensive documentation for our use. Note that this file WILL NOT WORK as named! Your dhcpd.conf file MUST be named dhcpd.conf. To continue this section of this lesson, open my sample file and follow me through it.

NOTE that if you change this file, you must restart the dhcp daemon!