Introduction to Content Management Systems: Day 1

UNM Division of Continuing Education Courses

Introduction to Content Management Systems for Websites
featuring Joomla!

Day 1

*If you are using a dual-boot lab, press the Option key during boot to choose Windows!*


What is a CMS?

Install Joomla! 1.5

Log in as studenth
Start Firefox
Go to
Click on Get Started

Go to the Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla
Watch the Joomla Quickstart Video
Download the Installation Manual

Find and copy the URL to the latest tar.gz


Open puTTY

Configure the connection:

    Host <IP Address>
    User <username>
    Password <password>

Now, in puTTY:

    cd public_html

    wget <paste url>

    tar zxvf Joomla*

In your browser:

    Go to http://<server_IP>/~<username>


    db: <same_as_username>

    *Don’t install sample data!*

Copy configuration.php in the final screen!

Back to puTTY

Type in these commands:

    cd public_html

    vi configuration.php


Paste *using your mouse*

    <press the esc key>


You’ll have to delete or rename the installation folder. Use:

    mv installation/ installationOLD/

to keep a backup, or to delete:

    rm -rdf installation/

In your browser go to:


Review administration

Set up the front page

Create your first articles