Raspberry Pi Fedora 24 Security Spin OS Images for Raspberry Pi

It has been a very interesting week, wrestling with uploading Raspberry Pi OS images and trying to tame the bugs in Fedora 25 for Pi. But we’ve got downloadable images here!

To keep the numbers manageable, I’ve set this up so that you can sign up as a student here (use the Register link above), then you’ll get access to the link and instructions.

Our School for Hackers Linux running Fedora 24 with the Security Spin (or Security Lab), on the other hand, is stable and highly useful for teaching security testing. I started using the FSS quite a while back rather than turning students loose with the bazooka that is Kali, and at this point I’m building my lessons for use on School for Hackers Linux.

Let me say for the record that at the moment, Fedora 25 for Pi is “beta” in the strictest sense: It will boot. Almost everything else takes manual bashing as root, from networking to shutting down. I made it run, and got it stable, but I can’t in good conscience turn this OS image loose in the wild. People could get killed.

Compressed, the S4H Linux F24 images are 3.7GB and 4.6GB, but that still makes for some ugly uploading from my end. Downloading, on the other hand, might be slick.Comment here on your experience: downloading it, imaging it, and using it. Let’s make this a sweet cyber security teaching OS. Thanks –