[ Hacker Night School ] :: Get your hack on crackin this site: root-me.org

Glenn Norman
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Where HackThisSite.org is about … hacking that site, root-me.org is a whole platform. That means you can work your way through entire categories of Challenges: apps, crypto, forensics, stego, web clients and servers, and so forth.

This is a blast. Don’t take my word for it. Go see.

There’s an active and helpful community with forums sorted by Challenge. But it’s not immediately clear where you’re supposed to start. Let me suggest going to Challenges > Web – Client, and start at the top of the list you get. The initial Challenges really are easy, but things get tricky fast.

I use this site in my security and hacking classes largely because they can get a foothold almost immediately, then learn the process of researching (and asking) their way to solutions to other Challenges.


As always, School for Hackers members, you can let us know how it goes by commenting below. Thanks –

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