[ Hacker Night School ] :: Kali Linux Metapackages (All Tools or Subsets)

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There are actually four subsets of tools you can install with Kali, depending on your needs, disk resources and download speeds. These packages have names like kali-linux-full and kali-linux-all (those sound the same, don’t they?).

Fortunately the good people at Offensive Security have a guide to the various metapackages. For instance:

kali-linux is the barebones, 1.5GB installation

kali-linux-full is what you get with the download ISO installer, about 9GB

kali-linux-all is a lot more, totaling about 15GB. If you want the whole shebang, this is the one you want.

And there are a whole lot more, which you can study at:


Installation is easy, with simply

apt install kali-linux-all

If you’d like a little walk-through check out