[ Hacker Night School ] :: Adding the Kali Tools to Ubuntu

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Kali is cool as hell, but taking it to work could get you fired, or at some of the places I support, get me arrested. It’s not really intended to be a daily-driver OS, though the 2020 update has moved it a long way in that direction.

The biggest problem with carrying Kali around is that it’s designed for sec urity testing, not to be highly secure in itself. (If you want an obsessively secure OS, take a look at Cubes: https://www.qubes-os.org/.)

You can build a more secure everyday-use OS by starting with Ubuntu, then adding the Kali tools on top. This gives you a reasonably safe OS (pay lots of attention to settings!) with the pen testing tools you sometimes need.

Check out this article, and this site, LinuxHint.com:

How to install all Kali Tools in Ubuntu

How to install all Kali Tools in Ubuntu