[ Hacking 101 ] :: VPNs

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A VPN gives you some degree of confidentiality (encryption) and privacy (anonymity), and works great in a business situation where you can have end-to-end encryption. But consumer VPNs aren’t the same, because encryption isn’t end-to-end, and providers are a privacy issue.

Here’s a look at different connection types from the perspective of a hacker: web proxies, network proxies, proxychains, VPNs and TOR. There’s a use case for each of these, which I discuss in the video.

Assignments: VPNs (Unit 4)

1. Install OpenVPN.
2. Rummage around online looking at free OpenVPN providers.
3. Do you trust them?
4. If you have a safe machine to do it from, try one out. This is what virtual machines are for. You’re a researcher, right? 😉