Get Your Search Engine Skills On

Be a Google Ninja/Swiss Army Knife/chainsaw/guru

\Research takes time — most of the time. Generally, the smartest person in the room is the one who goes to Google fastest. So developing good search skills, and practicing using them quickly, is critical to your career. There’s an interesting article that illustrates this: “When Marketing Accidentally Hired a Hacker”

There are three critical things to know as a netizen: how to do advanced searching, how to maintain your commercial privacy, and how to achieve confidentiality when you can.

Advanced Searching

Google Advanced Search Operators

Be a Google ninja and find good free sample questions and tests. Beware of braindumps: these are highly unreliable. Don’t use anything that requires you to download a test engine.

Learn to use Google Advanced Search Operators:

Now Try It

    1. Find every FTP site that has MP3s of Loverboy.
    2. Find every .doc and .pdf on
    3. Search for a term on a specific website.

Maintaining Your Commercial Privacy

How much spam can you stand? How much should Google know about your diseases?

    1. Spread out your browsing over several browsers.
    2. Keep specific types of activity confined to a specific browser.
    3. Use multiple accounts. Lots of them.

Using Different Browsers

Achieving High Confidentiality