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This is a non-optional skill for anyone who manages systems, runs networks, develops software or hacks on any of these to make them work or break them. 😉

Git (in case you’re a total newb; otherwise skip this) is a code repository, a site where coder teams can work together on projects and check out code like a library (so they don’t save over each others’ revisions).

It’s also a system for installing software. In Linux, you’ll use git a lot to install applications. You’ll learn to love it. But to start out you’ll need to learn it.

A lot of git tutorials are for software developers. Don’t even worry about that advanced stuff at this stage. Just know the basic syntax to install a program you want:

git clone <URL of the software you want>

Assignment 1: Set up git and learn to use it to install software. See the video linked below, but first read this. There are two useful sections for you at this stage.

a) Setup. Follow these instructions appropriate for your OS.

b) Check Out a Repository. How to install software.

Ready player one: http://rogerdudler.github.io/git-guide/

Assignment: Learn to use CodeAcademy by learning to use Git:


This WILL be required knowledge for the Hacker Skills Test!