Online Education: A list of Internet educators

Online Education

For the most part, I teach live classes. But I’ve used and reviewed many online school platforms (yes, including the obvious ones). Udemy and the like offer some excellent materials – and some not-so-exellent – but there are full-on universities online too, that offer real degrees, as well as the many certification organizations and trainers.  This list isn’t an endorsement of any of these, but unless I see real value, providers don’t make this list.

Cyber Degrees

Not primarily a training site, Cyber Degrees is a great resource for people looking for the right degree or certification to advance their careers. They offer school listings, descriptions of career paths and degrees and a ton of useful resources. If you’re considering online education, start right here and know the field before you spend a dime. Highly recommended.

University of the People

It’s accredited, which is huge: these are real AS, BS and MBA degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science. And it’s free.

[ Education ] What’s the difference between kids who excel and kids who don’t?

From my earliest childhood my mother told me I was smart as heck. For a long time I thought she was just being nice, because real-life experience kept showing me I was dumb as a stump, a process I now recognize as “learning.” But I think that repeated statement, along with lots of reading and books and newspapers, actually helped me devote myself to serious study.

There is a fascinating Quartz ( article on exactly this point that’s really caught my thoughts, “There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t” at

Guess what that key difference is?