Get Your Training On With Hundreds of Free College Courses

Glenn Norman

Our whole purpose is educating and training up-and-coming hackers and security people. That’s why I run my CompTIA and EC-Council courses through this site, and add new videos and lessons as I get the chance.

But we don’t try to be everything; instead, we USE everything that’s useful and high-quality in our trainings. I’m always on the lookout for good, fresh material. And here’s a trove of it, not all related to IT or security, but some real gems among them.

Check out Dhawal Shah’s article on Quartz:

If you haven’t heard, universities around the world are offering their courses online for free (or at least partially free). These courses are collectively called MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.
In the past six years or so, close to 800 universities have created more than 8,000 of these MOOCs. And I’ve been keeping track of these MOOCs the entire time over at Class Central, ever since they rose to prominence.
In the past three months alone, over 200 universities have announced 600 such free online courses. I’ve compiled a list of them and categorized them according to the following subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Programming, Data Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education & Teaching, Health & Medicine, Business, Personal Development, Engineering, Art & Design, and finally Science.

Right off the bat I note:

Introduction to TCP/IP from Yonsei University

Linux Server Management and Security from University of Colorado System

TCP/IP and Advanced Topics from University of Colorado System

and a ton more.

Go get it! Have fun. And if you’re registered with this site, let me know what training you find or use there in the Comments below.