A Cautionary Note About Ben McEwan of Scotland

I usually prefer singing people’s praises rather than finding fault, but sometimes bitter experience requires sharing, because others may get hurt by this person too.

Ben McEwan of Scotland
Ben McEwan of Scotland

I met Ben McEwan through a mutual friend online, and he joined our Facebook Group for School for Hackers. After several months he was contributing frequently, so I made him a Moderator on the FB group. Unfortunately Mr. McEwan lost his temper when I asked him not to use the FB group as a target to practice pen testing.

Apparently this is the rationale for what he did next: he sent a message to all the FB group members stating that the group had been taken over by Pete Herzog/Hacker Highschool, then deleted all members of the group.

After these actions, I cannot recommend Mr. McEwan for any position of responsibility or trust. Contact me if you have any further inquiries.

Glenn Norman

* * *

[Update: Early 2020]

I called into a meeting with EC-Council and was informed Ben McEwan had been in touch with corporate headquarters, informing them that I am trans-phobic and should be fired.

Of course, I am not an employee of EC-Council.

This is, needless to say but I will, far beyond the bounds of professionalism.

* * *

[Update: Early 2021}

One of the moderators of our School for Hackers group of Facebook (the one Ben McEwan almost succeeded in destroying) was contacted by him, and asked to remove this page. That FB moderator had, unfortunately, nothing to do with running this website.

There’s an old saying that when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.