Interactions, Trust and Google Chrome: my Veracode article

Glenn Norman on Veracode

During my time as Project Manager of Hacker Highschool (2012-2016) I had the opportunity to write articles for several security publications. This article, “Interactions, Trust, and Google Chrome”, appeared on January 14, 2016, and looked at the obvious and not-so-obvious trusts we give Google and interactions we allow with them. I’m not a Google Hater; …

A fellow consultant asks me to define Pen Testing and Vuln Testing

Recently my friend and fellow IT consultant Marc Mintz (Mintz Infotech, asked me to clarify some of what I do for his clients. Here’s his question: *** Glenn: I don’t know if my target market really understands pen and vulnerability testing, but since they should, I’d like to have some information for them. I. …

“High School Hackers”

“High School Hackers is an all-inclusive group (this includes all 5th graders and middle schoolers!) Non-HSers are welcome to join us and see what we’re up to!” This is a MeetUp event in Pennsylvania and “This meetup requires acceptance into PennApps or MHacks, but will be livestreamed online for those who can’t make it.” Again, …

“HackThis: The Hackers Playground”

“Want to learn about hacking and network security? Discover how hacks, dumps and defacements are performed and secure your website against hackers with HackThis!!” ***

“Security High School” Spanish event

Here’s an interesting semi-bilingual Spanish-language program with a name similar to our Hacker Highschool. This one, however, is a event-based operation, while of course we’re building a high school course curriculum. Interesting thoughts here though: ***