[ Hacker Night School ] :: Python for Malware Analysis

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Python and bash are my two ultimate favorite languages. Both of them let you stick your hands right into the guts of the system, and both let you do really complex things simply and fast. I’ve got an Introduction to Python course over on my http://gnorman.org (white hat) website, which I built exclusively for a …

[ Bug Bounty ] :: Resources

  https://www.youtube.com/user/Zigoo0/videos Bug Bounty Cheat Sheet on Github: https://github.com/EdOverflow/bugbounty-cheatsheet/blob/master/cheatsheets/xss.md  

[ Bug Bounty ] :: Hack Facebook for Fun and Profit!

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Ashley King writes about an experience with bug bounty: “Whilst working on the Facebook Bug Bounty Program in June 2018 we had identified an issue with the webview component used in the Facebook for Android application. The vulnerability would allow an attacker to execute arbitrary javascript within the Android application by just clicking a single …