Hacker Highschool is running at Warehouse508

Hacker Highschool (http://hackerhighschool.org) in cooperation with teen venue Warehouse508 (http://warehouse508.org) will be running this Fall semester, beginning September 10. Classes will run on Wednesday afternoons from 4-6 PM for 12 weeks. Information on signing up will be posted on the Warehouse508 website.

If you’re on my obscure website, it’s likely because you know I manage the Hacker Highschool v.2 Project. Some 150 volunteers from literally all around the world have come together to build this curriculum and continuously improve it. We’ve got most of the first 12 lessons rewritten for v.2, and teams are working on (as of today) 11 more, with more really good lessons being proposed all the time.

Lots of teachers have asked for a teacher’s manual, which is under construction now: I’m taking this opportunity of teaching HHS at W508 to document as much as I can about proposing the course, choosing how many hours to teach it, setting up lab space, setting up (in our case) virtual machines for students to work on, setting up network access to the hacking test lab at La Salle University and anything else I can document. So for now, it’s not ready, but if you’re looking for it, interested in it or ready to help build it, contact me.

We owe huge thanks to the many people who are making this possible, and I’ll start by giving big and expressive thanks to the team at Warehouse508, Andy, April, Victor and more. There is so much more to come, and you guys have the fun attitudes to make it a joy. Thank you!

* * *