RoboRAVE: from a middle-school gym to an international event

There’s a very cool event born and grown right here in Albuquerque: RoboRAVE, for 2014 a three-day event at the Albuquerque Convention Center, runs simultaneously in several countries including, appropriately, Alburquerque, Spain; Columbia; China; France; and the Czech Republic. You can find a Alb. Journal article at

I see that a nonprofit called Inquiry Facilitators has run some 200 workshops for students. The original project rose from CNM teacher Fabian Lopez, who spread his enthusiasm to several other teachers including the one vastly motivated Olga Vasquez, who teaches high school robotics, rocketry and microsystems at East Mountain High near Albuquerque. In other words, a small core of three or four people made all this happen.

We could replicate this growth with Hacker Highschool ( using the same methods: start with a one-day event, make it fun and truly interesting, and spread the word. Run it in several cities, if possible, and share video and screen captures. This seems to me (now that Hacker Highschool has eaten my life) like a valid immediate model.

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