Adobe Creative Suite 4: Using Dreamweaver

Beginning Dreamweaver

This powerful web-authoring program puts both visual design and
 sophisticated HTML tools at your fingertips. Topics include setting up the Dreamweaver environment, using type and graphics, adding links, using CSS and other tools to create well-designed pages, and managing and uploading websites.
Prerequisites: 51101/11/16 or 54101/11 and Internet experience. Suggested: 58111.

Intermediate Dreamweaver

Take your web-authoring skills to the next level. Learn more about CSS and other page design techniques, including frame- and table-based layouts. Automate page development with templates and library items. Add interactivity with JavaScript behaviors and forms. And learn more about efficient site management with site assets, file check-in/check-out, and more.
Prerequisites: 58111 and 58121/31/34.

Advanced Dreamweaver

Take full advantage of Dreamweaver for advanced web authoring. Add video, sound, and other media elements to Web pages. Integrate Flash content into your site. Create cutting-edge page layouts with CSS positioning and layers. Add sophisticated interactivity (including popup menus) with DHTML behaviors. Learn advanced techniques for working with Dreamweaver templates. Customize your Dreamweaver work environment with extensions.
Prerequisite: 58122/32/34. Suggested: 59111.

Course Syllabi


  • Overview
  • Intro to XHTML and CSS

    • how they fit together
    • re-defining tags
    • creating classes
    • text formatting with CSS
    • Page Properties and CSS
  • Page Elements
    • Text
    • Images
    • Links
    • Tables
  • Intro to Page Layout

    • Creating nice-looking pages
    • Using Page Properties
    • Table-based layouts: pros and cons
  • Site Management
    • Local site definition
    • Using the Files panel to create/move/manage files
    • Checking links
    • Remote site definition
    • Upload/download
    • Synchronizing
    • Cloaking


  • Page Elements
    • Forms in depth
  • JavaScript/Behaviors
    • Automation
  • Intro to Templates

    • Create/apply/update templates
    • Editable regions
  • Library Items 
(SSIs also as appropriate to student interest)
  • Page Layout Continued
  • CSS Continued
    • Box model
    • Contextual styles
    • Frames/Iframes

  • Site Management

    • Assets
    • Checkin/checkout


  • Advanced Templates

    • Nested templates
    • Template language
    • Template parameters
    • Repeating regions
  • Editable attributes
  • CSS Positioning/Layers/DHTML/layer-related behaviors
  • Media
    • Plugins
    • ActiveX
    • Flash
  • Extending and Customizing DW