MySQL I : Introduction

Instructor: Glenn Norman

  • A basic understanding of MySQL database functionality
  • Familiarity with construction, maintenance and troubleshooting of databases

What is MySQL?

  • A robust, full-featured enterprise-ready database
  • “Dual-license” software: Open source and Commercial
  • Both “bleeding-edge” (Community Edition) and “Certified Software” (Network Edition)

What will we do in this course?

  • Look at the MySQL AB web site and discuss versions of MySQL
  • Download and install MySQL on Windows and Linux
  • Learn to start and stop MySQL
  • Configure MySQL
  • Use MySQL Client
  • Set up and manage users and configure privileges
  • Learn basic SQL actions in MySQL: select, add, edit, delete
  • Perform joins
  • Learn about MySQL Functions
  • Import data
  • Back up data
  • Manage connections
  • View logs
  • Understand transactions and locking