Welcome to School for Hackers

As we open it here in January of 2016, the site has been sketched out but needs a lot of work and content.

We need content. We’ll be bringing you articles and postings about opportunities for hacker training, both here and on other sites. One of the unique features we’re building into School for Hackers is multilingual content, initially in English and, courtesy of our founding member Starry Sky, Burmese. If you’d like to contribute to the community, you’re welcome to do translations into other languages. We’ll also be accepting contributions in other languages as we get them set up on the website.

We need graphics development, too. We need a more hacker-centric main site background, though in similar colors and similarly dark. And we’re going to be using lots of versions of our “red glasses” logo, both male and female. If you’ve got an idea we’d like to see it.

And we are definitely interested in reviews of hacking tools, articles about exploits and vulnerabilities, and text and video demonstrations. Contact us about these. If you’d like to have a Contributor account, contact us and tell us what you’d like to write about. Include a sample of your writing.

Videos are always golden. Post them on your channel or ours, and we’ll embed them and provide comments space so that the community can see your work and talk about it.

Above all, we want to support both teachers and students, both teaching and learning about the skills we call hacking. These include more than just cracking servers and breaking into networks. Hacking is building new stuff out of existing things, or learning to build with revolutionary new tech like the Raspberry Pi. It’s not about being a criminal, it’s about having fun, learning skillz and being in demand! It’s worked for us, and it can work for you.

Thanks for coming.